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2018 October Project


This year we decided to do two projects.  The first was a four stall bathroom in an elementary school that was in desperate need for a "CR" for their children.  Thanks to our great contacts in the Philippines for identifying a need and locating the school for the project.  We arrived at the school mid afternoon on our first day.  We were met with eyes of hundreds of kids peeking out their windows trying to see what we were doing and give us a wave or make eye contact with us. Some even left the classrooms to come over and say hi and make jokes with us.  The project was partly done when we arrived and we were able to continue the progress of the CR by leveling off the floors and prepping the floor for concrete the next day.  Although the manual labor was fun and enjoyable, we found the most fun was making jokes and playing with the kids.

The following day we returned to the school, continued working on the CR, and had a small assembly where the kids did a dance and we in return handed out candy and basketballs.  This day was so enjoyable seeing their faces as they would receive a piece of candy from us, not really knowing what it was, but knowing it was something from us to them.  They were all so fun and grateful for us being there.  The teachers and school principal were very welcoming and thankful for our donation to their school.  We were treated like celebrities and we appreciated their hospitality.   Below are images from this project.

Our second project was replacing a home for a family that was in desperate need for a better shelter.  We arrived on this project sight the first morning we arrived and sharpened our skills in brick masonry, tying rebar, and demolition.  We were able to lay hollow block bring the walls to the right hight, add and tie rebar to reinforce the walls, and clear out the area for preparation for the floor.  On the second day we returned to this project and removed the roof.  This was quite the task as the trusses were somewhat rotten and infested with termites.  We were able to remove the roof safely, continue with the brick laying and floor prep.  We then became experts at hand mixing concrete as we mixed concrete with shouvels and with a human conveyor belt bucketed the concrete into the house for the floor.  This was exhausting work and took us into the evening working at dark with flashlights.  As we left the project that night we were exhausted, drenched in our own sweat, and ready for some rest.

The volunteers on this project were amazing.  We had neighbors, and missionaries helping.  In addition the beneficiaries from some of our other projects were there helping, as we ask them to do so by benefiting from projects in past years.  A special thanks to those, and they know who they are, for coordinating this project, asking volunteers for help, and making this a great success.  Below are pictures from this project.

After finishing up our projects we headed back to Manila, visited the US War Memorial, and then flew to the island of Palawan.  On this island we had two main destinations, Puerto Princesa (for the food), Port Barton, and El Nido.  Words can't describe how incredible this island is but the images below will do what is needed.  We loved our time on the Island of Palawan and all the incredible natural scenery we were able to take in.

Action Humanitarian is a 501c(3) – non-profit organization. We need your support. Your donation will go directly to rebuilding efforts for the thousands of families in the Philippines devastated by the recent typhoons or are in real need of structurally sound housing to protect them from future typhoons. Please help us restore hope, livelihoods, and basic living structures for so many Filipinos in need.


Action Humanitarian

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