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2017 June Project


The first day of our Humanitarian trip was a productive day.  Most of the day we worked on excavating a hole and setting in place the septic tank for a new bathroom and completing the construction of new walls for the house we are building for the Gagala family.  When we donate funds for building projects like these, we ask the recipients to do the majority of the manual labor as their way of repayment.

We spent a few days helping the Regpala family finish a new bathroom and kitchen.  Between this trip and our last trip, we have helped move the Regala family from a dilapidated bamboo hut to a completely finished hollow block house with a new roofing, cement flooring, pressurized water and indoor bathroom and kitchen.  We are grateful for the donations that have made these projects possible and have allowed us to help this family of eleven. 

Our next project was helping the Gagala family of eight build a new house.  We are building the new house around the old house.  We were able to put in the foundation, build up the walls, remove the old house and level the ready the ground for a new cement floor.

It's great seeing the other families pitch in and help each other on the projects.  The Gagala family will do like other families we help and will complete most of the work on their house and help others on their projects.  With each new family we help we add another family to this communal group that helps each complete these large projects in a much shorter time frame.

We are grateful for the opportunity to provide this family of eight with better shelter that will protect them from the elements, especially the many typhoons that will make landfall each . year.

One evening we were able to have Jordan Wheeler, one of the volunteers, put on a basketball clinic for a few dozen Filipino die hard basketball players!

Filipinos absolutely love playing basketball.  Their passion and drive to be the best ball player is unreal.  It's great to play pick up games with them as we drive along the national highways all over the country.  One thing we do each trip is pack items to give away to people in the different locations we visit.  This year we gave over 50 basketballs.  The excitement on the face of the kids, even young adults, when we surprise them with a basketball is inspiring.  

We also had another company in Utah, WOD Love ( that donates new clothes each trip for women in the Philippines.  Women line up to receive the clothes.  For some of them it's the first new shirt they have ever had.  They are so appreciative of the donations and each time we return we see them wearing shirts from previous visits.  Thanks again Candie an the team at WOD Love.  

We are so grateful for love the Filipino people show us and how thankful they are when they receive gifts from us.  

Action Humanitarian is a 501c(3) – non-profit organization. We need your support. Your donation will go directly to rebuilding efforts for the thousands of families in the Philippines devastated by the recent typhoons or are in real need of structurally sound housing to protect them from future typhoons. Please help us restore hope, livelihoods, and basic living structures for so many Filipinos in need.


Action Humanitarian

Please Contact us for Mailing Address

If you have any questions please call J. Brody Orton 801-369-2893
or Jared L Richards 801-380-4672

Thank you for your generosity!

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