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Learn more about volunteer opportunities in the Philippines through Action Humanitarian.  There are many ways to help the Filipino people from in-country service to sponsoring projects or volunteers.  Get involved today.  LEARN MORE

Sponsor a Project

You can make a huge impact by sponsoring projects in the Philippines.  We can find the volunteers to do the work, facilitate the project, and locate the type of project you are willing to sponsor.  If you are not able to give your time please give of your means.  LEARN MORE

Request A Project

We are interested in ideas and project proposals in the Philippines.  If you have a project idea please reach out to us and see if we can help.  We are interested in projects for Municipalities, Schools, Families, Natural Disaster Relief, Medical Relief, and Livelihood Ventures.  LEARN MORE


Corporations and Small Business can make impacts by donating volunteers and means for the project of your choice. Humanitarian work mixed with time on a beautiful tropical island makes for great Corporate Retreats. LEARN MORE


Donations help fund projects in the Philippines and Volunteers who donate there time and talents.  Please donate your time by Volunteering or Donate your monetary support by sponsoring Volunteers and Projects.  LEARN MORE

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