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2023 October Project


This year we worked on a project on the beautiful island of Siargao in the barangy of Cabitoonan.  We were fortunate to find a contact on this island who is connected in her community and had a great desire to help those around her.  She had a local from the community assist us as well with selecting families to receive the conversion of their dirt floors to concrete floors. We could not have made this project happen without Gina and Jesper.  Thanks to both of you for your kid greeting, support, and all the hard work put in.  We also could not have done this project without our volunteers who provided financial support and labor.  


We were able to help 9 families who had been living with dirt floors transition to concrete floors.  This conversion will make live much better as it keeps things dry inside their homes. The receiving families also provided labor in preparing their homes for the conversion and assisting with labor on other receiving families.  

In the Philippines there are two seasons, hot season and rainy season.  Families with subpar housing are not able to stay dry with all the rain that continually falls each day during rainy season.  In additional, there are typhoons that often drench parts of the Philippines for days at a time.  Homes with dirt floors struggled to keep the floor in the inside of their house dry especially during the rainy season.  Concrete floors provide a big upgrade!  

All the volunteers and locals worked so hard on these projects.  From the preparation to the install and mixing and hauling bucket after of bucket of concrete into homes.  It was hot and humid and really exhausting!  Seeing the before and after and the joy brought to the locals makes this all worth it.

Aside from the manual labor we were also able to bring additional basketballs and frizbees to give away to people along our way.  These giveaways are always a hit.  It's fun to see the enjoyment of the receiver for something as small as a basketball.  We also brought over bags of clothes we gave away and books we donated to the local school.

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We also had a lot of fun on this trip.  After the work we did we spent time at the beach Surfing and also explored the island of Bohol.  Below are more images from our trip.

Action Humanitarian is a 501c(3) – non-profit organization. We need your support. Your donation will go directly to rebuilding efforts for the thousands of families in the Philippines devastated by the recent typhoons or are in real need of structurally sound housing to protect them from future typhoons. Please help us restore hope, livelihoods, and basic living structures for so many Filipinos in need.


Action Humanitarian

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If you have any questions please call J. Brody Orton 801-369-2893
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